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Alfonso luca
posted a review on EUROS 41
…sicurezza e affidabilità sono i punti di forza di questa barca

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All about Amel brand


Born out of the expert knowledge and know-how of Henri Amel, the yacht and sailing boat brand Amel is a byword for solidity, comfort and intuitive sailing. From the Amel 54 to the Maramu and the Santorin, the brand offers a large range of secure and sleekly finished models designed to take on the challenges of the ocean and help you find a new home from home out on the waves.
The Amel 54 is a refined and reliable model designed for all sailing conditions. First introduced in the 2000s, the boat impresses as much by its design as by its level of equipment and performance. Measuring 17.2 metres (56 ft 5 in) long by 4.8 metres (16 ft 9 in) wide, the Amel 54 offers a total of seven berths, making it suitable for group outings on the sea.
A name evoking Greece, a Mediterranean country with a famous maritime tradition. The Amel Santorin is a single-hulled vessel designed specifically with cruising in mind. A habitable model, this emblematic sailing boat of the 1990s has 13.8 metres (45 ft 3 in) of length to offer. The Amel Santorin stands as a timeless reference to the image of the beautiful island of the same name in the Aegean Sea.
Designed and developed towards the end of the 1970s, the Amel Maramu is the ultimate in single-hulled boats. With this vessel at your disposal, you'll feel ready to take on the challenge of longer cruises. An absolute classic amongst those with a passion for sailing, this is also the boat that provided the inspiration for the Santorin. Whether configured as a sloop or a ketch, the Maramu is a versatile, multi-purpose model. Easily recognisable by its unique shape, it's also equipped with watertight storage chests.
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Amel: making the sea your new home from home


From the very first models designed and created to the most recent, boatbuilder has a wide selection of seagoing pleasure craft for you to choose from. The boats of the range be divided into various different categories that continue to become ever more refined with the passing nautical seasons.



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Before acquiring your new boat, take the time to carefully examine what type of amateur sailor you are by considering some simple but useful criteria:


  • The total budget for the purchase and maintenance of the boat
  • The type of sailing and type of waters: coastal, open seas, mixed?
  • Preferred uses: Fishing? Coastal sailing? River cruising? Watersports?





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