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Introduced in 2007, the 42 S model from the Prestige brand caused a sensation with its sporty lines as well as its IPS propulsion. This system, which now features on other types of boats, was new and especially innovative. The bases are in fact pods that can be rotated 360°. The propellers positioned at the front of the boat can thus operate in undisturbed water and are much more efficient because of it. When it comes to manoeuvring, the helm's traditional control levers have been replaced a joystick that couples engines and propeller so you can steer the boat to the millimetre and into the most challenging locations. Really enjoyable!

Most of the Prestige models are the F version, i.e. with a flybridge, or the S version. The Prestige 42 S has no protrusions or appendages on top of the rounded roof. The line is thus much lighter, as is the dunnage. The flybridge has its advantages, but we have to mention that these are especially noticeable in warm weather.

The Prestige 42 S has many assets, starting with an electrically operated sunroof that opens up the cockpit and saloon, transforming it into a deck saloon in an instant. It's simple, effective and above all very pleasant whatever the weather! From our experience, most of the crew prefer to stay under cover. Whether it's the sun, the wind, or the salt spray... The deck saloon on the Prestige 42 S delivers while you remain in the open air, under the sun or the stars.




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