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Advertise on Voiles et Voiliers and Band of Boats at the same time!

Voiles et Voiliers and Band of Boats join forces to offer you the best digital distribution service and print magazine for boat ads.

How does it work?

You want to post an ad on Voiles et Voiliers to sell your boat, but you're now on the Band of Boats website? Everything is normal!

Thanks to the partnership between Voiles et Voiliers and Band of Boats, you pay only once and the ad to sell your boat will appear on both websites!


What steps do I need to take?

Login or complete your registration

Create your ad to sell your used boat

Your ad is automatically published on the Voiles et Voiliers and Band of Boats websites!

Give your ad even more visibility

From your seller's area on Band of Boats, you can also advertise your pre-owned sailboat in the Voiles et Voiliers print magazine.
Two ad formats are available:

  • Premium ads

A larger photo format (47x44 mm) and a neat layout to showcase your sailboat. Written with the advice of a member of the Voiles et Voiliers team, your ad will appear in the "Premium Ads" section of the magazine.

  • Classified ads

Written by you, your ad will appear in the "Classifieds" section of the magazine. The first photo of your online ad will be the one that appears in the magazine (36x41 mm). Be sure to use the most attractive photo to sell your boat as your main photo.

Simulatan publications
No extra cost for web publishing
100% secure messaging

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Voiles et Voiliers is the monthly magazine dedicated to the world of sailing and yachting. Created in 1971, it is the reference in France for all enthusiasts. Used boat ads have been an integral part of the publication since its inception.
Band of Boats is the specialist reference site for the web distribution of classified ads for new and pre-owned boats, as well as for services related to buying and selling (motor insurance, boat sale value quote, financing).
By becoming partners, Voiles et Voiliers and Band of Boats enable any boat seller, professional or private, to easily improve the visibility of their ads:
* Double visibility on the web
* Easy publication in the leading magazine.