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The current trend is to make sailboats bigger and bigger as part of the eternal quest for length.
This is unfortunately leading to the disappearance of small sports cruisers, which are used just as much for hiking, like regatta sailors, as for mooring up and coastal camping, like cruisers...


They've all disappeared from the bigger shipyards, all except for a stubborn Vendée-born (and not Gallic!) Beneteau First 21.7.
Beneteau produces an uninterrupted line of these small sports cruisers. The 2004 Beneteau First 21.7 is the direct descendent of the Beneteau First 210 and First 211.


Designed and conceived by the Finot firm, this keelboat with its lifting keel slips through the smallest of gaps with its 0.70 m draught (keel up) but also gets the most out of its keelboat qualities, with a 1.80 m draught keel down, when it comes to tacking upwind. At a transportable weight of 1,200 kg and with a length of 6.40 m for a width of 2.48 m, plus 4 berths inside as well as a stove and a sink, it is a bit like the Muscadet of modern times. Note that the First 21.7 has an inner liner that is easy to maintain, unlike the liners of its predecessors.


The First 21.7 appeals to a clientele of sailors who are into serious sailing, and who prefer a one-on-one relationship with the sea to the kind of comfort you find on land. Good in light weather and upwind as well as downwind, stiff under sail, and unsinkable, it's not surprising that these little Beneteau Firsts are so popular.




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